“I am inspired by my AWDS cohort, and I determine my own

Dr Miranda Bien-Lim
Committee Member

Being involved with AWDS has really helped me in many ways. I initially
 joined because I do not have medical school friends in Singapore (I am from
 Australia and lack a university-derived peer group) and the AWDS lady-docs
are a pretty friendly bunch. I enjoyed the sense of fellowship that came
with each AWDS meeting. I have also benefited from professional networking
 opportunities, such as working with an amazing AWDS friend, and receiving
medical advice from the different specialities represented by the AWDS 

For example, when I was fortunate to become a mother, my
 ever-supportive O+G was one of my AWDS friends and I received beyond expert
care! These ladies are a great group, and I value the friendship I have 
found with them. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that some of them are
 intense over-achievers, outrageously successful, and put mere mortals to

My interests are varied. I enjoy making things using my trusty sewing
 machine, and I enjoy drawing, and karaoke. My newest ‘skill’ is
 emceeing, after another AWDS friend put me up to it (Thanks, J!). The 
accompanying picture shows me emceeing at the Dover Park Hospice 
fundraising ball this year, 2014: a very fun gig, and for a good cause.

I have not been a career-oriented doctor, and not chosen to specialise. I 
stayed in the hospital system for many years in A+E, Geriatrics/General 
Medicine, and Psychiatry, the latter I have a particular interest in. I
 also privately trained in Aesthetics, and although Aesthetics is very
 different from the other area mentioned, I also have an interest in the art
and science of wanting to look one’s very best. Presently, I work
 part-time for the Fullerton Healthcare group, a General Practice oriented
 group. The part-time schedule suits me because my priority now is taking 
my baby to playdates. It is perfectly acceptable to say, “I am not a 
superwoman”. I am inspired by my AWDS cohort, and I determine my own